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sander for wood floorsWood floors that have become ruined from years of wear or neglect can be restored to their original beauty. Machine sanding removes the old finish and exposes new wood. With the application of a finishing material, floors are like new again.

We highly recommend you call us to have your wood floors professionally refinished. If an old finish on a floor cannot be repaired, you may need to completely sand the surface and apply a new finish. Most floors are 3/4-inch thick, so they can withstand a number of sandings.

    Following are steps to refinish wood floors.refinish old hardwood floor
  • * First, we make certain that all nails are countersunk.
  • * We clean the floor with mineral spirits or a wax removera and VENTILATE!
  • * To sand, we use coarse to medium paper. Heat and abrasion from sanding may make the old finish gummy and can clog sandpaper.
  • * Once new wood appears, we use fine sandpaper.
  • * We thoroughly clean the floor again before applying finishes.



* Penetrating, oil-based seals are common finishes on home floors. Sealers are usually oil-based polyurethanes and thinned varnishes. When applied, they penetrate into wood pores on the surface. The result is usually a low gloss or satin finish that wears only as the wood wears. Scratching and chipping are not serious problems with this type of finish. One coat of this type of sealer is satisfactory, but two coats are better.

* Surface finishes are also available. They include water-based polyurethanes, varnishes and acrylics. Polyurethanes provide high resistance to moisture, mechanical wear, stains and spills. Varnishes are also acceptable, but they have a greater tendency to scratch. If you apply three coats, surface finishes usually last longer than penetrating sealers.

Remember to regularly sweep or dry mop with a mild detergent. When surface finishes must be renewed, you may need to refinish the entire room.